Overview of Services

Service is the final word in our name - Bryan Funeral Service. We are a full-service funeral establishment offering personal, distinctive, and affordable services to families of all backgrounds.

We listen to one's thoughts - offer suggestions when asked - and help arrive at a point of service for those who feel we can be of value to them. Our fees are spelled out in what is called a General Price List as directed by federal and state laws. The idea is that you may have information to alter ideas and/or finalize plans with consideration for services needed for your particular situation. Let us know and a copy of the list will be made available for you to study prior to meeting with us. We will be glad to speak by telephone. Folks have told us there is less chance of misunderstanding if we can meet and discuss various possibilities face to face.

No one chooses to request our type of service. So we make ourselves available as part of the end-of-life activities through which we all shall pass. In doing so, we listen to the needs of individuals and our community at large as we care for this phase of life.

Your conversation with us will be recapped in print so there is full disclosure of what was discussed. Discussions with family members and close friends will be easier for you to review. Our range of services is quite broad and within the scope of what we can provide in our service area. If we are to serve, we need to know how you wish to be served, and then we can estimate. This ensures you are always in control and our personal service fulfills your desired needs.

Telephone or come by to get our basic material. Set the appointment. We will meet. You will help yourself and all those to be affected by your plans.

Listed below is an outline of some of the services we offer.

Traditional Services

Traditional funeral services are established by one's cultural or religious customs. These services include a time for families and friends to gather for a visitation or viewing.

Graveside Services

Graveside services are held at the site of burial. These services consist of scripture readings, a eulogy, poetry and music, and may be accompanied by a visitation or viewing.

Memorial Services

Memorial services are conducted when the deceased is not present. These services may take place anywhere the family desires. This is an opportunity to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family.


Many families are now considering cremation. There are many options available to you through our funeral home.

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We provide a multitude of options in caskets, urns, and vaults. Our suppliers generally can provide any product that we need.

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For a meaningful service, think of what your loved one meant to everyone, and how you can creatively capture their life events.

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Death Away From Home

Through our contacts in most US cities and many cities around the world, we can help you avoid needless anxiety, travel, and expense.

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Our prices are reasonable and represent what we feel is a comparable combination of moderate prices and outstanding service. Stop by our office or call 1-800-831-0243 for a copy of our General Price List.

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